The Chosen People
  A Modern Renaissance

Mary Molony

Exhibition of Drawings and Sculptures

Tuesday 21st September to Saturday 25th September

The Osborne Studio Gallery
13 Motcomb Street
Belgravia, London SW1X 8LB

Gallery opening hours:
10.00am - 6.00pm
Tel: 020 7235 9667

This exhibition is a celebration of the life and artistic achievements of Mary Molony – a talented artist, illustrator and sculptress. Bronze figurative sculptures, and pen & ink drawings of horses and other animals, people and caricatures will all be on sale from £75.

Mary held degrees in fine art, illustration and photography, and trained at studios in London, Ireland, the USA and Italy. Much of the work in this exhibition dates from after her time at the Charles Cecil Studio in Florence. It was here that her draftsman’s training in classical drawing techniques, based on the traditional methods of the Renaissance masters, gave her the inspiration she had been seeking to produce some of her most exciting work.

After just 5 months of study, she was pleased to discover that “my drawing has strengthened, I have become far more disciplined in my work habits, and my ability to concentrate has increased a hundred-fold”. Her fine intellect and deep interest in the humanistic origins of art also made her a popular and respected teacher of students at all levels.

Mary’s work shows her huge gift for characterisation and an accuracy of observation rare in artists today. Throughout her short life she strove to develop her own visual language, which speaks loud and clear through the people and animals on display at this exhibition. A bronze sculpted figure crawls across the floor. An old man contemplates his pint at the side of the bar. Jockeys urge their horses across the page. And a giraffe gently investigates the bottom of an African boat.

Mary suffered from severe depression and, tragically, committed suicide at the age of 32. Proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, which works to increase public awareness of the dangers of depression. It aims to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness, encourage those who may be depressed to seek help, and to train GPs, practice nurses and primary health care workers in successful methods of diagnosis and treatment.



All images are available as limited edition prints in editions of 150 and all proceeds from the sale of Prints, Limited Edition Prints and Originals will go to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

Contact: Suesanna Molony - Tel: (+44) 7767 685 968.